Our Working Process

Everything we deliver is tailor-made. Due to the versatility and diversity of our machinery, the possibilities are almost endless.


As soon as we have received a quotation from you, we make an appointment. During this appointment at your home, together we will choose a color and measure the dimensions of the staircase. Based on this information we will send you a suitable offer.


When we have received an agreement from you on the quotation, we will make a second appointment to precisely measure the staircase. During measurement, a (digital) drawing is made of your staircase. This drawing is sent to the office after for further processing.


Our machines are programmed on the basis of the digital drawing made earlier. We pay attention to the smallest details, therefore the quality is of the highest level. That’s what we call, basic elements in perfection!


While your staircase is being produced, we make a third and final appointment with you. During this appointment your staircase will be assembled and neatly finished. Because everything has already been made using the right measurements in our factory, we only have to glue the stairs in the right order. The only thing you have to do next is to enjoy your new staircase for years.